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  • bejupete bejupete Dec 10, 2012 6:05 PM Flag


    If I transfer an ill gotten check in someone else's name, and get caught, off to jail I go for Money Laundering.

    If Bankers do the same thing they will plead, "I neither admit or deny the charges" and off they go back to their country clubs.

    Oh I forgot. The fine must be paid, and of course it comes out of bank funds, and not a Penney out of their pockets,

    The system makes me puke.

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    • Concur most adamantly. Just one minor correction, the fine does not come out of bank funds but the pockets of the stockholders. At one time I owned a small supermarket in the inner city and unknown to me a cashier was "laundering" EBT (food stamp cards), I was sanctioned and could have been sent to jail over a $12,000. "fraud". Now, I have the unfortunate problem of being Italian; if I had an Oxford don accent I probably would have been given a total pass and a government grant.

      The "fine" that HSBC will pay amounts to a rounding error practically and here is an "ally" laundering $$ for terrorists and drug dealers. Until "executives" get "hard time" in a Fed-Max prison this garbage will continue. The only reason I would oppose revokation of their charter to operate in the United States would be the harm done to share holders.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • They are Britishers, our cousins and Masters.

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