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  • smearjob smearjob Dec 11, 2012 8:06 AM Flag

    All banks are crooked.

    Just look at the history

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    • people you all forgot they helped fund terrorists as well.

    • You might as well have said "All generalizations are wrong". (Think about that for a second). 1) With the myriad of regulations that Barry and team of crooked politicians and gay rights activists that he has appointed to EVERY branch of the government, it is IMPOSSIBLE for any law abiding citizen to follow through with normal everyday life without UNINTENTIONALLY breaking the law. Barry alone has signed 5,800 NEW LAWS in the last 90 days, and over 13,000 so far in 2012. 2) President Clinton FORCED banks to either lend money for mortgages to people who had NO RIGHT to be looking for a home to buy, or they would face stiff sanctions from the Federal Government. Case in point: Clinton TOLD THE BANKS, "you will change your rules, (and a hundred years of GAAP) by allowing prospective customers to include in their mortgage loan application the following: child support (lol), alimony, (lol), and unemployment benefits ( i.e. 26 weeks back then, lol)", and I don't know, perhaps money they find on the street, future lottery winnings, and Friday night poker winnings as legitimate sources of income. The banks told Clinton, " What?? We NEVER include alimony and child support and unemployment when we make our calculations for eligibility, because what if the ex-spouse quits paying xhils support and alimony and duh, unemployment eventuall runs out, ergo, these people will not be able to make their mortgage payment and we'll have to foreclose". AGAINST ALL OF THAT argument, Clinton told the banks, "Tough, just do it". So the banks now became the largest foreclosure entity in the history of the world, and Obama and the other girly man Barney Frank did the same thing against the advice of George Bush and Senator McCain.

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    • .... and they will continue their crooked ways until bankers are sent to jail. My god, this bank was money laundering for the drug cartel. If we don't prosecute bank executives for this offense, what's next, child slavery?

      I am thoroughly disgusted!

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