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  • xtrees xtrees Dec 11, 2012 7:43 PM Flag

    BOYCOTT HSBC, sell all your stock, short the stock and just laugh at them as they are at us.

    HSBC is helping terrorist. All who bank here should rethink how their money is being handled. HSBC is laughing at our country and does not care. This is highly wrong doings helping terrorist. No action being done except a fine, sounds like laundering being done again.

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    • I don't understand how these people can just get away with this. This news didn't even budge this stock. How can the market just not care?

    • thruston Dec 14, 2012 1:51 PM Flag

      HSBC , until recently, was the credit card used to apply points toward General Motors cars. So, why is anyone surprised? They seemed like a good duo.

    • any american that know they are laundering money for drug cartels will boycott hsbc.
      if that wasn't already bad.

      they are even helping the TERRORISTS. they have ties to related parties and have helped move the terrorists money. my god and they get free money FROM OUR FEDERAL RESERVE?

      the FED and our government is essentially FUNDING the terrorists that we spend trillions fighting these years.

      HSBC owes the american people trillions for helping the terrorists.

      hsbc is a terrorist organization even more so than that of other banksters.
      they also committed acts of crimes in libor as well just like all banks.

      but my god. hsbc NEEDS to go bankrupt if there is any justice but sadly there is not.

      I encourage everyone to run on the bank dont even bother shorting the stock.
      just get everyone you know to run away from hsbc and do a run on the bank.

      then also lobby the government to kick HSBC out of the FED forbid them from accessing any resource from the fed is ALL countries until hsbc goes bankrupt because no cheap money.

      since they refuse to jail the criminals involved may as well punish everyone in the company until someone comes clean and goes to jail

      too bad the government is a spineless wimp that only picks on the weakest of society.

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