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  • chart2000 chart2000 Feb 9, 1998 5:20 PM Flag


    Please listen, when one is retired and financially sound, one
    can sit back and see the whole picture. Like having a fine
    brandy and a cuban cigar. My advice to all you little girls,
    get out of this game because you would not last five min.
    on the true Wall St. Every time the stock moves a 1/2 point
    in any direction you try to put it in to quantum theory. Listen
    well from a vetran from the pits, the shorts are going and the buying on
    the up side will leave. Trust me the STREET likes this stock , but down the
    road. MYL is being set up to be punished so the pros, not nickle and
    dime girls can come in.Sell now buy later.

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    • I'll accept at face value that you have experience on the Street becaue you say you have. With your experience, based on the factors you see before you, where do you see this stock (price wise) after the pros run it up and then knock it down. Do you beleive the Bishop with his 14-15 range? I've never worked on the street; I'm just trying to increase my portfolio size.

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      • The small investors plus the market in general are keeping this stock in a tight trading area.
        The St. will buy this stock 16 and under. If the Dow retreats
        800 points myl will hit 14. Never say never, I have seen it all.
        The market is totally different than ten years ago. The long term
        investor is becoming a relic.Computers are driving the show.
        This is one of the safest stocks out there, on the St. we call it a safety play. As the money
        goes to cube and lsi, myl will not rise much for the next six months. I think in Oct.
        myl will I hoping to invest for 16 around that time. Even if the market
        corrects, the mutual fund managers can not go into total cash. Can't kill the system that makes them
        money. I feel buy myl on large dips and follow their news.

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