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  • mdbcolorado1 mdbcolorado1 Jan 28, 2009 1:52 PM Flag

    If GPGI receives say $5 million, then stock could go up 100fold

    to say $1.50. This could happen almost overnight IMO.

    - someone in mining has performed due diligience and shown GPGI process really can produce 4oz/1000gal of gold.

    - someone believes GPGI can also produce platinum and rhodium from their aquafer.

    Of course noone has given GPGI $5 million yet, but ...

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    • I have a dream ...
      (granted a petty dream .. but still a dream)

    • Dreaming: if GPGI can recover 2+oz gold, 2+oz platinum, 1.5+oz rhodium, & .5oz palladium = 6 oz gold equivalent from 1000 gallons (not grams but OUNCES!!!!).
      The best gold recovery was 3 oz so that would something to shoot for in the future.

      GPGI's aquifer (I'm guessing) would rival the best production from South Africa's mines.

      So what could the GPGI stock shoot up to say in a couple years?


    • Colorado,

      Those are interesting comments! If the GPGI process really works, then we are indeed klooking at a major multibagger winner at today's prices.

      Right now, hardly anyone believes, but that is OK. If the process works, people will believe and will step up to the plate to invest at ever higher prices as the evidence mounts of a scalable working process to recover precious metals.

      That is how microcap fortunes are made!

      IMHO - Tomcat

    • Colorado,

      I agree with you on the potential for GPGI. Another gold co that has similar potential, once real interest returns to gold is X-CAL - the owner of the Sleeper pit and surrounding acreage.

      FYI - Tomcat

      Disclosure - I own both GPGI and (, as "fun" holdings that could develope into something big, under the right conditions.