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  • mdbcolorado1 mdbcolorado1 Feb 22, 2010 11:36 AM Flag

    Imminent -> this week????

    How many millions for PM: $1 million or $12million?

    PM funding:interested->committed->imminent

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    • More people have lost money in the stock market by relying on only fundamental information. I will continue to buy this ugly stock, as that is the way fortunes are made on turn-around companies. I have chatted with the former GPGI President Jensen who is an outstanding retired corporate attorney many times several years ago and have no doubt about the PM process being a viable patented advance mining technology.

    • Dear Dillweed! I owned stock, yes, and I sold stock, yes. After personal conversations with Twiford, and JBIT's Borque. So read their latest farce on GPGI's website. The statement that they have received orders from JBIT. How dumb can you be. No Certification, therefore no buyers, and no funding......Look at logical steps, not BS press releases. First, you prove it works, and more than just a range test. Then you get trauma levels certification. Now you have something. But you have to go against current manufactures and the good old boy network existing in the military. When John Borque said to me, Just sign the Fing contract, so you can work for me", well that ended that with my involvement. The Non Disclosure Form had language that made anyone who signed it, liable for any reason that JBIT sought to bring charges to. Would you waive your rights to a defense and place yourself in a monetary situation where you loose even though it is not your fault. I think not! Now on to the water for gold scenero. HM maybe they can pawn that idea to the UN. Remember oil for food! Now use your brain, I do not care about BS, just facts. When and if funding happens, and certification happens, then look at buying. And lastly, the conductive wire, alloy. Bring that product to wiring manufactures, work out a deal whereby one receives a royalty. But no way are they going to manufacture on their own. Then go to the power companies, and maybe when wires need to be replaced they will buy it. How often does a power line go bad? Think. So once again, I will rebuy when the true facs are out, and they can publish a true contract. Now the stock is down to somewhere around two cents. Hey how much was the stock worth before Twiford got involved!!!!!!

    • You had me look at sstp already and i gave you my opinion several weeks ago. I am party to a new superior technology that will put sstp out of business, that will not be a publicly traded stock. You want to make a quick buck then learn to trade forex or futures contracts.

      so avintage1956 you are a pump and dump investor from your past comments on gpgi. Your credibility is shot with me. Anyway my 640,481 shares of gpgi will not be sold for quite a long time. Have purchased many times over the past 2 years and will continue to do so with an average price of $0.065. Yes holding at a loss but i know how quickly this stock can turn as it has many times in the past. I am looking to make over 1,000% profit on this one.

    • imo they need at least $1 million to prove the process for 1000gal (240 oz of gold and platinum).

      For gold they can make their own inquarts. The initial limited production should "prove" the industrial production process of gold & platinum. Once proven, then they borrow or find a large major to partner.

      $3 million would be great. $20 million unbelievable.

      But Twiford imo could get by with $1 million and prove the process works!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Having talked to the former president of gpgi jensen some years ago they needed $5 million to $10 million then, so with metal prices more than doubling since then the $12 million is on the low side to make the precsious metal recover process a go. And realize each precious metal needs its own inquart. So $20 million plus is more likely what is needed. You can see my question of the very high security the company needs around the clock to guard the inquart.