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  • hotheadjim hotheadjim May 31, 2014 4:53 PM Flag

    Hey seeking alpha who wrote on Sphere 3D

    hey seeking say in your article for sphere 3D:

    "Primarily artificially fueled, Overland rocketed from 80 cents to about $4 in six weeks, while Sphere 3D jumped from 44 cents to nearly $10 in 52 weeks".

    Get your numbers and story straight on Overland Storage stock didn't rocket anywhere...there was a reverse split 5 to 1....we stock holders got slam March the stock was worth $1.00 ($5.00 with reverse split) then it dumped to $.80 ($4.00 reverse split) they are sub $4....skyrocket?...more like rock dropped from the sky.

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    • That #$%$ was written to help out a certain short seller who is short size at around $6,there are 2 mill short.They are nervous

    • It really doesn't make sense to reply to a hack job article who's sole purpose was to drive the price of the stock down. You give it legitimacy by even commenting on the absurd allegations it contained, and the best thing to do is to ignore it completely.

      There are over 1.5M shares short and it is turning out to have been a disastrous bet. Overland and Sphere, which will become a single company in the next few months, are so far hitting it out of the park together. There are deals with Dell, Novarad, and a burgeoning partnership with Ericcson, the largest manager of data bases in the world.

      So just let those poor jokers on the wrong side of this bet sit in their own mess and for heaven's sake don't fall into the trap of responding to their individual allegations. What they want it to CONTROL THE CONVERSATION. Don't ever forget that, and if you are a long just smile every time you see another one of these desperate attempts to kill the stock come out. They haven't worked, and won't work, because truth is against them.

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