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  • gesakellis gesakellis Aug 24, 2005 11:01 AM Flag

    lol@the "experts" on this board...

    They don't know what the hell is going on. "It'll be up next week..." "Expecting a pop back to 1400 tomorrow..." Please...

    It's pretty much a consensus that 2006 is going to be bad for pork. Hmmm, what does SEB do again?

    I would only consider getting in if this thing dropped to around 600-700 in the near future, and even then it would be a short term hold.

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    • You are right on. In the early 90's we had to bail out the S & L's. I wonder if they will figure out a way to make the public pay for these people who are living off of the equity on thier homes? I have a niece who is doing this. I do not believe the roof over your head is an investment to play around with. People should learn to live within thier means. The tax cut may have been great, but real estate taxes have gone through the roof, at least where I live they are. Do you think China is becoming the new super power? Did you get some shares today? Good Luck.

    • Anybody that keeps up with current financials ought to have been seeing already what he's talking about. These "statements" of his are observations we already Know. People and the market appear to be treating this stuff like it hadn't "dawned" on theme?? Sheesh !!

      Housing prices are artificially high, people then are enticed to borrow againt the equity due to low interest rates which affords them the $$ to spend somewhat lavishly which has been the buying power that has fueled the economy for the past year or so. He's just saying that these shenanigans may well soon come to a halt leaving those borrowers in deep dodo as their inflated equity miraculously vaporizes creating bearish D/E ratios which are in poor standing.

      Moral?? Live within your means....

    • With the market we've been in lately, why does he feel the need to open his damn mouth? Isn't raising interest rates enough for that guy???

    • Yep, and thanks to Mr Greenspan looks like I'll get the chance....

      Too bad he opened his mouth the day after a marginal recovery...

    • Ha Ha! "When pigs fly" we all make money. I was in there when it hit 1800 too, sold half my position ( I should have sold it all) but at that time I was fairly new to this one and I was'nt aware of how quickly it could drop to 1100 plus. I have 50 shares left. BIDU and CME dropped pretty good today, so that 70 share escalation helped me out! Let's keep the music playing, please!!!!!! Stay well, Good Luck!

    • Hey "Dudess," (just kidding) ...

      I know what you mean about the "terrible two weeks." I'm looking at it this way ... my other stocks that were green today made .13, .37., .52, 1.03, .28., .03., .19, .12, .22/shr. and then there was SEB with a $71.99/shr. gain. From time to time, one of them might run up $3-5 a share, but it's a rare occurrence. Seaboard often moves this much in a day. Yes, lately it has moved down, and I hate it as much as anyone else, but in my experience more often it's on its way north.

      I was with this stock when it went into the $1800s and locked in some earnings there. I think it will get there again just as soon as everyone's nerves settle down a little, the panic selling stops and it quits hitting close stops.

      Buying into this stock is like purchasing a little mutual fund and, with its price, it's going to fluctuate more than a $20/shr. stock does. To give you some perspective, even BRK.A is down $825 for the week.

      For those who are thinking that maybe they should sell tomorrow ... please, let the pig fly!

    • Just re-read your message; did you mean you sold all of your shares? Don't worry if you did, there will be an opening, nothing goes straight up or down. Good Luck!

    • and to you! I am a DUDESS, but that's O.K. This may be the start of a great run - Keeping my fingers crossed, it's been a terrible two weeks. Good Luck!!!!!!!

    • Congrats dude ! Ended up $70

      Had I kept my 28 shares vs selling at $1210 I'd be up another $1960 but alas ..that's the way she goes. Put a bid in too late this morning near the open for 10 @ $1200 but it just didn't snag...

      Best of luck to you all.

    • Hi Joan: Thanks for the info. We have had some serious loses in the past few weeks, let's hope the upward trend has begun! Good Luck and keep that info coming!

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