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  • alexalekhine alexalekhine Oct 20, 2005 11:10 AM Flag

    Back In

    I've been lurking for a while since I got out in the summer but.....

    I got back in this morning at 1435. A might on the high side, but the chart action is starting to look better. A strong earnings report could propell a breakout from the recent trading range and give us a nice 150-200 point move (I hope).


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    • Well, e.p.s. doesn't say "nothing." You are correct that it is "backward looking, however."

      May holding is based in large part on the chart combined with the fact that it is cheap based on earnings.

      Keep in mind the company never earned more than $20 in a year until recently. Given that the $5mm in total salary paid to the top 3 officers is quite excessive. It is run like a private company.

      Where does the money go? Check the cash flow statement. I think they have been reducing debt quite abit and have built up a bit of cash.

      Berkshire Hathaway pays no dividend. What do you think of that?

      Im not complaining about the stock price, its gone up alot.

      My position is a "swing trading position" at this point.

      Right now it is breaking out. Given that it is doing that in advance of earnings, it is good news.



    • There is supposed to be a return of cash to the U.S. that is currently held in other country. This is because of the Income Repatriation Act. Before the tax, the income would have been taxed twice, once in the foreign country and then again in the U.S.

      Don't have a clue how much cash is involved, but from reading the 10Q-s, it sounds like it is significant.
      Of course this has already been posted as income in prior quarters, but it will have an effect on the Balance Sheet.

    • Dave & Alex:

      If I may butt in -

      A number of the ships have been on lease. Seaboard purchased one (or more) of these ships and, in the first 6 months of the year, have paid down their long term debt significantly.

    • "A strong earnings report could propell a breakout from the recent trading range and give us a nice 150-200 point move "
      And what if not?


    • That's all? Only a ten-percent upward with nice earnings?

    • Welcome back, AA:
      I have been busy lobbing shots at the people from PETA, you folks might be interested in what they have come up with. What I have found is a strong Hindu influence, but without the peace. Also found some real attack dog websites that go after PETA.
      Their link to terrorist organizations

      They are actively working to destroy family relationships by passing out comic books in schools:

      PETA's statement's about pork slaughtering are way overblown, but I have not been able to find much to refute it.

      If anybody has any links to prove that the Humane Slaughter Act has improved conditions, I would appreciatte it. If you are reaaaaaly bored, read the MCD message board for the last week. If you post anything, do not mention with board. I mentioned the W e n d y's board one day and the attack dogs were on it in minutes.


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