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  • Yesterday was a (spike) reversal day. The higher
    (actually the new high) was made, but failed
    to carry
    through and the prices dropped below
    its previous high.
    This signals a reverse of
    trend. NTOP dropped from
    above 92 to below 81. The
    attempted rally could only
    push the stock price back to
    85 and then the prices
    dropped again. That's a
    bad sign.
    From now on, the ordering structure will
    probably no
    longer the same for NTOP. Instead of buying
    orders placed
    a few ticks below the market value,
    there will be a lot
    of stop-loss orders. One
    stop-loss order can initiate
    another, causing a flurry
    of selling.
    Let us hope tomorrow's data will be
    good. But, if good
    data can not help NTOP, the
    downtrend will be further

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    • Let me give you some advice. You are obviously
      new to this. There are some people who have made a
      lot of money on this stock. They have sold. There are
      some people who will make a lot of money on this
      stock. Right now, they are short. You have no business
      in this stock right now. I am telling you this for
      your own good. You are going to get taken to the
      cleaners on this one. You can fight it, but in a week you
      will be sorry. Go buy Intel, Warner Lambert, or
      Applied Matierials. You can be 99.99% sure your money
      will be much higher in 2 years.
      In 2 years, NTOP
      may be gone as AT&T has unleashed Bell Labs
      technology on the IP telephony world. NTOP may be forced to
      go to 1-2 cents a minute to survice. They will not
      prosper in that enviroment. Good luck to you!

    • Lovlee,

      "Let's keep our fingers crossed that the madness continues into next week!"

      You got in above 80 and you think the madness is going to send this stock to 800? Me thinks not!

    • All stocks are speculative!

    • I was only long and stubborn years ago. I didn't
      what I saw and I used to hope.
      But if you believe
      "the trend is your friend", then you have
      to play
      both sides. NTOP may be worth $200 ultimately,
      who cares? Its short-term trend is down. When I see
      confirmed uptrend again, I'll be a buyer again.
      reversal takes time. When a stock reaches its top in
      price, because there is still enough speculative
      interest, supplies coming into the market are well absorbed

      and prices won't go down sharply initially. But, many
      tend to misunderstand this phenomenon and
      think the price
      holds well.

    • I hope you are right, I hope I'm right here,
      Let's keep our fingers crossed, the clarity isn't all
      that great yet, this may be a ten bagger, let's hope
      this madness continues into next week. (Free long
      distance) Hell, I don't know where he got that

      He summed up all the investing skills of the longs
      in NTOP! This is classic!!!!

    • This one is going to $150 tomorrow, $200 next
      week, blah, blah, blah. They are all pawns in the game
      and they don't even realize it!
      Can anyone tell
      me why it is going to $150??? Of course not, just
      cheerleading...cause it aint gonna happen. Allow me to supply some
      facts for everyone's benefit.

      1) Revenues are
      projected at slightly over $50 million next year. Let's see
      4 billion/50 million = Price to sales ratio
      (forward looking) of 80! Amazon price to sales = 18
      (trailing 12), Microsoft P/S = 26 (ttm). Hmm...something
      doesn't seem right.

      2) The stock looked absolutely
      terrible today. MM's were suckering people all day long.
      Fools would buy into every little rally just to get
      dumped on 10 minutes later. No one was comming in to
      pick up the stock (the reason for the low volume)
      becuase it's still way overpriced. Shorts aren't in a
      hurry to cover becuase they have nothing to worry
      about. I could see the stock drifty slowly into the
      $40's becuase no one is going to get back in to support
      it. You longs will be left holding the bag!

      Why would I want NTOP long distance that sounds like
      I'm talking under water? I can get the same price
      with Sprint and MCI. AT&T has a nice offer two. Maybe
      you longs can no longer afford to pay an extra 2
      cents per minute. However, us shorts can afford the
      luxury of being understood on a call.

      4) Anyone
      know that AT&T is already in public trials with it's
      own IP telephone service? Boy do you think a company
      with the vast resources of AT&T can field a better IP
      telephony product that NTOP? Duh gee Tenessee, I don't know
      thats a tough one.

      FACTS (this should be fun!)

    • You are absolutely right.
      Market veteran,
      founder of IBD, William O'Neil said "All
      stocks are
      bad, unless they go up in price". Sounds simple,
      means a lot to me.
      Another well known stock
      operator said:
      You do not need to have a love-affair
      with your stock just
      because you bought it. Love is
      sometimes fickle, you know.

    • Your advice is appreciated!!

    • I'm not here to scare u into selling. But I've
      been in the market a few years and I've seen something
      like this time and time again. I'm up 600% for the
      year. I was up 1000% but interest rate hikes have
      killed me the last two months.

      I fell in love
      with stocks and was stubborn to sell and ended up in
      the red instead of in the green. One of my rules now
      are not to get emotional with a stock or company.

      My humble advice....take your profits and run. Greed

    • I live in a trailer park with a piglet!! I'm happy!! I'm not greedy!!

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