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  • pullmifinger pullmifinger Sep 2, 1999 6:00 PM Flag


    when in fact the price is on its

    Post labor day rally should frighten the short hairs
    off the shorts!

    100 share trades, are ya'll
    kidding me? You clowns are what is wrong with the
    markets. Small time players, scared of their own shadow.
    Go back to to your mama. And 1 of you losers has a
    100 share long & short position with 100 or 200
    shares. dude, get out of here & go play some $2 stocks or
    the OTC/BB market.

    saladtossing small fry

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    • Pullmyfinger. Dude you are so full of shit. You
      are not making money, you are losing money because
      you bought this stock way too high. Yeah i usually
      buy 100-1000 shares at a time usually. But at least
      Im not a an inbred douchbag with a 2 inch prick like
      you mr. moneyfags. Go shorts!!!!!!!!