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  • a_casablanca a_casablanca Sep 24, 1999 8:24 PM Flag

    Beck, Maria, booter, shorts, how does

    NTOP PE is very low (forward looking).

    you assume 40% market share (8 billion
    You assume net profit marging only 15% (which is to
    low in my oppinion). Than you have a profit of 1200
    mio USD.
    Shares out: 42 mio Which makes rougly
    29$$/share earnings.

    Take 62.7$/29$ and you have a
    forward looking PE off 2.3
    So iff NTOP would trade @ a
    PE off 50 in 2003 the share price should be 1467

    What does this tell you: The big guys know this and
    they are buying.
    Even if NTOP will have only half
    off the marketshare, they are extremely

    Have a nice day.