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  • net2crap net2crap Dec 15, 2000 11:58 AM Flag


    Please don't make me think negative thoughts.
    I've just taken a big step in moving from months and
    months of negative thinking to positive. I might change
    my mind if I dwell on the past. lol

    But to
    make it short, I believe they are self serving and not
    out in the interest of the shareholders. On the
    bright side, they have a remarkable track record in a
    very short amount of time of making deals with the big
    boys. I'd just like to have some assurance that they
    will be profitable deals!

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    • they are still bigger than some 3rd world
      countries. Frajus is right they bought ntop to save them 10
      billion per year and make their LD phone business more
      profitable. Selling Ntop would be capitualtion IMHO. Kiss of
      death for T share holders. I'd say Ntop getting bought
      out is a VERY long shot at best. IF it were to happen
      it would be from T.


    • Under normal conditions, I agree, but when was the last time ATT did anything that made "cents"?

    • Unloading NTOP doesn't make "cents" when NTOP is a part of their recovery plan. Institutions do not want you to sell your investments at the bottom.

    • What board isn't self serving! On another note,
      what do you think about the possibility of a takeover?
      And no, I'm not thinking AT&T, I wish to suggest
      another potential suitor: Broadcom (I'm not trying to
      start a rumour, this is simply a hypothetical
      question). They love to buy out their suppliers, and they do
      use NTOP. Any chance in your opinion?

    • crap, I can't speak to this being the bottom in

      However, I can say the following:

      My Buy/Sell
      indicator suggests that this is not a bottom in market.
      Neither the long-term ratio or the absolute number of
      buys or sells is where it needs to be. Buys - 757 and
      ratio 1.46. An important bottom might show 3-4,000 buys
      (strong signal) or 2500 buys (medium signal). The
      Buy/Sell ratio is 1.46, it needs to be at least 3 or

      The only thing standing between a low 9 price for
      NTOP was HMQT back on bid sucking up all shares sold
      and making the inside market.

      On the other
      hand I don't disagree with taking an initial position
      here if you can add more if NTOP declines. (you will
      have done one hell of a lot better than I have). It
      defies logic that sellers will take this down below $10
      for any extended period of