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  • mf73120 mf73120 Apr 26, 2013 12:11 AM Flag

    Would I be glad to own Devon in 6-months or 6-years?

    Yes, I tend to buy and hold my equities days or, sometimes, weeks but I've been successful and lucky. The one rule to which I always follow though is, "If the world went crazy, is this a stock I would be glad to hold for 5 or 10 years?" If I can't say 'yes' to that then I don't buy it at all. I am currently 'long' on DVN but will probably sell at some reasonable profit. We all know that, short term, stock does go up and it does go down.
    The management of DVN is smart and conservative and they have the holdings in the ground and a good business design to back up the stock's worth. My worry is not the value of DVN, it is the actions of the crazy spenders we have in Washington and the crazy spenders several other major countries have in their Capitals. Mike Fair, Oklahoma City

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    • i disagree with your assessment of dvn's management, i don't have any indication that they are smart.

      conservative, sure, maybe compared to chesapeake.

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      • Everyone is conservative compared to the 'old' Chesapeake. (: I won't argue with you but from my point of vision, I judge them to be conservative. I've lived in the 'oil patch' for 54 years. I judge leaders by their life-style (and their character) as well as their decisions. The DVN decisions, this last several years, have always been a step ahead. If you have problems with lateral drilling or fracking, you and I will never agree. I'm not in the oil and gas business but as a teenager, back in 1959, I worked on an oil rig that did fracking of existing wells.
        I have only two concerns about things that could hurt DVN, short-term: The world (and USA) economy from the idiots who think their nation's governments can continue to spend at these rates forever; and the liberal administration in Washington who seems intent on fighting America's chance to become energy independent.
        I mentioned that I'm not in the oil & gas business but I have spent a lifetime in positions to be an informed observer.
        Mike Fair

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