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  • vin_007_13 vin_007_13 May 2, 2011 6:58 PM Flag

    HDSN Run going to start tomorrow

    2.25 pps on the cards by may 4th. Q1 results will better than last year.

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    • zugibe in cc says no meaningful price increases in reclaimed r22 so now the largest refrigerant reclaimer will rely on strong demand for the new environmentally friendly refrigerants. the reclamation business model doesn't seem to be going anywhere right now...BEWARE OF A NEW SHELF REGISTATION COMING!!!!!! Coleman says we run a very capital intensive operation.....Shep I know you know what I am implying here, because I know you've seen it before with HDSN...and I think you'll agree when you listen to cc replay.

    • Haha very funny Shep....actually i'm long close to 5,000 shares that i'm now kicking myself that I didn't sell when it popped up to 2.25 before the "dreaded" conference call...coleman and zugibe both sounded stoned out of their gourds as!

      p.s. i'm not sorry i got out of the bulk of my shares a few weeks ago @ $2/share...I don't think this is really going much higher anytime soon...the market has a way of fairly pricing equities over time...why would anyone want to pay a high multiple to own HDSN...when there are much better buys with better growth potential available?

    • Sounds like a wise strategy to me. Having not listened to the CC yet, I don't want to say too much. Wouldn't surprise me to see this dip below 2 today or in the coming weeks. Still, I'd say the overall trend into the summer will be up.

      The last hour of trading today should be interesting. I'll be curious to see if the big boys are selling or buying.

      Plus, you never know what kind of pop were going to get when Ironchef covers. :)

    • I am at work and may not get chance to listen to CC. Shepard,
      I sold half of my shares on spike this morning. I am thinking to hold on to other half. What u suggest.

    • Vin,

      You called it. Brief high of 2.25 this morning. I tried to listen to the CC but the code listed on the press release appears to be wrong or they have not uploaded the CC to their system yet.

      Anyone catch the CC in real time? Any notes?


    • Q1 looks pretty good to me. 52% increase in revenue is not bad. I think market react positively tomorrow. we may see above 2$. HDSN is getting there business back.

    • analyze the numbers on the 10Q they have a huge tax liability, a lot of debt, and a large outstanding receivable, they have also increased their operating expenses significantly...i'll be real interested to hear the analysts questions at the end of the cc tomorrow. don't be dazzled by the 52% increase in gross revenue for Q1 2011 vs Q1 2010...Q1 2010 was a REAL DOG of a quarter!!!! (no offense intended!) there are now over 23 million shares of common stock outstanding vs over 20 million outstanding in you have a diluted .04 cents earnings per share for Q1 2011 which is always HDSN's best quarter almost every year....and you also have increased expenses this Q1 and that HUGE 667,000 tax liability to consider. I have copied two paragraphs from the 10Q just released by HDSN a short time it is. (all that glitters is not gold...remember that)

      Income tax provision (benefit) for the three month period ended March 31, 2011 and 2010 was $667,000 and ($165,000), respectively. For 2011, the income tax provision of $667,000 was for federal and state income tax at statutory rates. The tax benefits associated with the Company's NOLs are recognized to the extent that the Company is expected to recognize taxable income in future periods. The Company's NOLs are subject to annual limitations and the Company expects to incur certain state and/or federal alternative minimum taxes for the foreseeable future.

      Net income for the three month period ended March 31, 2011 was $1,088,000, an increase of $1,358,000 from the ($270,000) net loss reported during the comparable 2010 period, primarily due to increased revenues and gross profit, partially offset by increased operating expenses.

    • After hours bid 1.93. tomorrow lets have some fire works.

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