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  • needinfo117 needinfo117 Jan 26, 2012 8:58 AM Flag

    Needed HVAC experts

    Now is the time for input from HVAC experts working in the field everyday. I am sure there are plenty of people in the business that can really tell us what this means to HDSN and will effect the revenue and earnings and how soon. IMHO this seems like a huge opportunity with so much R22 equipment out there for many years to come & from what I understand the capex to change is huge and most will extend the life of what they have and is working well now. I really need info & want to know if those who do this for a living are investing their own hard earned money in HSDN.

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    • Replacement or changing a ref. unit over to different ref. is not easy and does cost $$$$$ to do. Reclaiming R22 is the simple answer and HDSN is in the businessm of reclaiming R22!!!! They do have some direct replacement for R22,but you have to reclaim all the R22 in the system,add some driers,filters,and change or remove o rings,etc. Not easy!!!!!! Best thing to do is make repairs, repair leaks,test for leaks and add back good old R22!!!! I forgot you could junk the system and put in a high pressure 410a system for big,big,big money and save the customer 20 bucks on operating cost in a years time in the upper midwest!!! By the way 410a units don't depete the ozone level,but they add to global warming problem??? One more thing,their are a ton of ref. gases on the market,plus blends of ref.gas,plus new ref. are coming down the line that may be better than the present gases.Time will tell,but good old R22 will still be around but I wouldn't bet on the price. It will go a lot higher in price in the short term,2years,but you could see it move lower in cost after that????? Buy HDSN

    • Just increase my holdings to 2500 shares. Yes the fear of getting left behind cause me to buy!!!!! I'm betting on the future,hope that I'm correct?? Just one more thing. Investment rule number two,Invest in things that you know something about!!!! Now all you other HVAC people BUY,BUY,BUY. Thank You Very Much!!

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      • It seems to me either the HUGE amount of HVAC people in the industry do not understand what the price increase will mean to the revenue & earnings of HDSN or I am missing something. From my 35 years of using this groups services in running a private 85,000 sq foot freezer I know how hard these guys work. One would think these group of experts would be jumping on this opportunity and thus, even though the amount of trades have increased I would think it would be even much higher.

      • what is the current cost wholesale of 30# r22???

        Would it be possible for a wholesale buyer to keep us posted on the weekly price???

    • Fear has its power in all aspects of life!!! Being a retired,tired, heating and cooling contractor I have seen the effect that a non operating AC system has on a customer!!! Most customer want it fixed at all cost!!!! I have not check the price of 410a ref.gas out in the last few days but I have a feeling that it has moved up also. I have 1000 shares of this company and I'll will buy more. Regulation by the EPA!!!!!! Just maybe they can bend their rules a little??? Future looks good for all companys that are in the ref. gas business. Fear will also drive the price of R22 up and up. Fear and Greed will also drive HDSN up also!! Buy!!!!!!

    • vontungeln Jan 26, 2012 5:56 PM Flag

      I own an a/c company and bought 4,000 shares yesterday. The price of a drum of R-22 has more than doubled in a few days.The value of their inventory has doubled and some think that the price of R-22 will triple by summer. Some think we will have a hard time getting it. The supply houses are rationing it, only selling a few drums at a time. Most systems that are at least 6 years old use R-22 and a lot of them leak a few pounds a year, so the demand will sure be there. People will either pay the high price for the freon or they will have to replace the system. Most will just add the freon. So if I understand it correctly, HDSN buys reclaimed R-22 and recycles it for sale. This demand will be huge as the EPA limits the amount of virgin R-22 that can be produced more each year.

    • I'm just a small time retired or tired AC person. All I can tell you is the cost of air cond will go up in the next few years. I use to install AC equipment from 1300 to 1800 about 5 years ago,price today goes from 2300 to 3200. Our cost went up because of equipment changes from R22 to 410a ref. gas. The price of R22 has gone from $2 per lb to over $9 per lb in the last 5 years or so. Over 90% of the world runs on R22!!!! Production of R22 is ending in near future!!!! YES INVESTING IN HUDSON IS A VERY.VERY GOOD $$$$$$$$$ INVESTMENT!!!!!!!

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      • Thanks for response, I would think that with this money making opportunity and so many people in this hvac business this board would be much more active. Thousands of small HVAC companies all watching the price of R22 climb you would think the industry operators would take advantage of making money on the increased price of R22 as well as their labor.Also at the same time one would think buyers of HVAC services would also be interested in making an investment in the raw material. But then again most investors are lemmings and the big volume comes after big % gains.

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