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  • edvoks edvoks Apr 1, 2013 11:42 PM Flag

    EPA goal is to

    The goal of the EPA is to make it attractive for end users to want to recycle R-22 instead of venting it into the air... The means to do this is to limit the supply and to get the price high enough where they can be paid to get their dirty gas to a reclaimer like Hudson.

    I wonder if they are creating a scenario where some people might be inclined to vent the R-22 if there isn't a justification for calling in the reclaimers, if the price isn't appealing enough for them to do so. This is where I think the EPA is tempting fate, where we may see more r-22 venting because of their bungled decision making.

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    • As I see it even though their is no change in the end date for production, the government seems to be encouraging venting by taking away in the short term anyway ,the only incentive that works MONEY. Not only does this go against pollution control ,but also because the price of R22 goes down short term will cause fewer A/C uses to modernize their equipment. Thus today as far as I know 85% of the equipment in the country now uses R22 and this new allocation will cause the demand to go down even slower. I do not understand what they are talking about in real terms of 2009 allocation and how it even matters if the Gov. is really concerned with the Ozone levels. Sounds to me like Gov is sending out very expensive conflicting signals and is not helping fight worldwide pollution or helping to plan an orderly transition.
      I am looking for logical explanations ( if their is one) and expect to read many articles by A/C professionals as well as environmentalists.
      I am confused !!!!!

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