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  • plpjap plpjap Jul 2, 2014 1:20 PM Flag

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    my boss (the owner of the small plumbing and heating business I work at part time) what he is paying for R-22 now. He took out his calculator (he buys in larger increments) and it was over $12/lb. I was surprised since I recall it was around $7 a lb last time I asked. That $7 figure was also used in the last conference call (see transcript - April 23 under "Headlines"). He said (our small business) has used so much the past couple weeks, he has to order more before the price goes up again. As I said in my previous post a couple days ago, we're located in New York State. I'd be curious if there are any other contractors out there in different parts of the country that are noticing R-22 price increases? You almost have to know someone in the business as they won't volunteer this information (they sell it at a higher price) I'm looking for the price they are paying for it...not selling it. I can't imagine our area is the only one hotter than normal. If this price increase is a trend, I may buy more shares of Hudson before earnings come out in a month.

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    • Yahoo wants to make these message boards useless , we can only rely on links to authenticate but Yahoo does not allow this . Which will cause these message boards to eventually close. I cannot post a story on how the price is going up in Texas right now. good luck

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    • my understanding is that the price is relatively standard on a national basis.... since we are now in the seasonal high for sales and service...... the stock should do well... the next epa ruling is the key issue that will govern future prices..... obviously, with any production limits the price will increase, but by how much...?
      At the next $5 mark i will call it a day from 2008.... I had hoped for a 10 handle... but i do not think it is in the cards if the epa doesn't severely restrict production thru 2017... the industry will slowly convert away from r22....

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    • It is on its way to $30/lb. Suggest your boss lay in a 5 year supply. With phaseout close, the reclaimed Hudson R-22 is the only game in town.

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      • Still a glut out there so $30 is a pipe dream. However, the CEO did say in the last cc that Hudson picked up market share last quarter. If refrigerant price is coming off the bottom and it continues to be a hot summer, maybe this dog is showing the beginning signs of a comeback. I did nibble back in a bit today and may nibble some more in the coming days.

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