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  • hardassetsrule hardassetsrule Dec 6, 2013 6:56 PM Flag

    The average folk has no clue how good BIND is (IT CURES CANCER PERIOD)

    READ TO THE END FOR PERSPECTIVE AND FACT BIND CURED THE CANCER -- Smart 'in-the-know' funds are accumulating here because it appears BIND CURES CANCER!!!! The clinical trials had a less than stellar success rate because the only and I mean only candidates that are put up are the write-offs -- the ones who are too far gone and going to die. And of those the doses are varried to guage potency/effects -- so some do not get a good enough dose and die, that is just the way it is done. In the Phase I dose escalation trial, of the 28 patients who received BIND-014 once every three weeks, there were three partial responses and one complete response. A "complete response" generally refers to the disappearance of all signs of cancer in response to treatment, while a "partial response" means a decrease in the size of the tumor or in the extent of cancer in the body. Five additional patients had stable disease lasting longer than 12 weeks.

    Now unless you know cancer trials, you need to understand perspective; consider that a complete response in a Phase I trial is very rare, only seen maybe 1% of the time. And the patient in this case had very late-stage cervical cancer . She had received multiple lines of prior therapy that didn't work. Yet, when testing nothing other than how high the dose could be and still be safe -- i.e., she and her doctors had probably written off any chance of success, hence why she volunteered to effectively be a cosmetics testing bunny for the next generation—she was cured. FACT!!!!!!!!!!

    This new generation nonotechnology cancer fighter stock will be over $50 sooner than later imo. Sit back and don't sell as everyone will want it, we are early days here.

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    • Well not exactely correct. Bind makes Accurins, those Accurins allow drugs to work better. Rather than getting chemo and disrupting your entire body and nuking a whole area, Accurins will allow just the tumor to get the drug, simply to pinpoint the attack. Will be very successful but will eventually be bought. A large chunk is in my accounts now. Sold out of all my OMED last week after is more than doubled since it ran way past its target and price Celgene is buying shares at. Money has been funneled again to this stock and will wait for it to double or better. Biotech is good, biotech's drugs delivered with BIND accurins is better. Potentially huge.

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    • Yes..$50 is not out of the question with good phase 2 results and if the market remains strong..I understand they're due toward the end of 2014...until then I expect BIND to go up and down with the biotech subgroup once it gets back to $15 and stabilizes

      I wouldn't go overboard with the analysis of the phase 1..they're primary purpose is to prove safety and lay the course of the phase 2 study..anything else is anecdotal and speculative.. and giving an untested therapeutic as a last line treatment in a cancer study is a pretty common practice.

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