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    • "...and if you expose him he will attack you too..."

      Dnmum, Brucie has been trying to attack for almost 5 years. But his attempts are feeble and pointless, just like his thinking and logic

      I consider the repartee with Brucie simple entertainment -- and it fits, since he's a simpleton.

      My only regret is that it clogs up this and other message boards.

    • tycoonguy:

      Of all the posts I have seen on Yahoo, I have to rate the title of yours to be one the worst I have seen. It goes beyond bad taste to being totally gross.

      I wonder what one of the spouses of a dead serviceman/woman would say to you if they that title? You should be ashamed.

      Having served my country for a number of years, I also feel insulted by the title of your post. It is disgusting.

      Many are starting to compare the situation in Iraq to Vietnam. It is very different except for two things:

      1. We have idiot serving as SECDEF now - the one during Vietnam was a total idiot and fool. HAD the current SECDEF allowed the military to flood Iraq with troops (as they wnated to do) as soon as formal hostilities were over, we wouldn't be in this situation. Another example of an idiot civilian trying to better guess the expert military.

      2. The left wing whakos and anti-American types (maybe you are one???) are undertaking similar actions that they did during the Vietnam War. They hope that the US will pull out and lose just like before.

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      • tygoonguy sounds like a lefty loon guy. You can not reason with people like him.
        Let him have the last word, at least he can be important in his own mind.

      • While I do not believe the title was tasteful in a Miss Manners-dear abby sort of way. Your response to the title,Where you stated:

        "1. We have idiot serving as SECDEF now - the one during Vietnam was a total idiot and fool. "
        begs the question...what kind of person willingly works for an idiot?(perhaps a goon goes to work for an idiot)....especially when it is apparent to most everyone that the position has a long history of being occupied by idiots...does anyone eles see what I'm saying? for the record, I hope we win the battle and the war and make the world a safer place free of fundamentalist religous nuts who want to kill tons of people...I also wish we had won vietnam and defeated communism in 1969 on the battlefield...I hate communism...and the democratic party(pretty much the same thing)but something tells me the current strategy is flawed...we have created more terrorist in the last year than we have killed...I think a more peaceful strategy focused on trade, economic growth and lower government interference in peoples lives would have decreased the threat of terrorism

      • Perhaps you would have preferred that I used an obscenity. Obscenities are the usual terms used here on Yahoo. Get off your soapbox and stop waving your silly little flag. The idea that you are going to make things better with weapons and force has to be the most asnine idea ever suggested in the history of men. The trouble with Oil right now is that all the Goons are rushing to take charge of it. Whether that would be by buying Oil stocks or grabbing their rifles and killing Moslems, it all boils down to the same thing i.e. a lack of modesty and intelligence. That, sir, I consider the traits of a Goon.

    • I find this type of captioning particularly offensive. There is a place for political statements and it isnt here. This is really done in bad taste sir.

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