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  • bucksave1 bucksave1 Sep 9, 2011 3:35 PM Flag


    Member of the Atheist/Sociopath and Psyhcopath Checklist.

    Prayers for you,


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    • Cool.... I am a Viking and (still) *NOT* an employee of SNTS.

    • Netflix has it on DISC only. It is called Barbarians (2004) 2 disc set. DISC 1 has the Vikings and the Goths and DISC 2 has the Mongols and Huns.

      Barbarians 2 (2007) is available on 2 discs. It covers the Vandals, Saxons, Franks and Lombards.

    • All of them excellent points. Of course, you are right. I am sure (now) that there is some Viking DNA residing in here. Sounds like a terrifc show.

    • Yes on the views,

      I think maybe Buck didn't understand what I wrote this am (Sorry BUCK). I didn't mean any harm, but I guess my statement wasn't as well written as it could have been. I do believe in prayers and maybe it can help the patients obtain some of the new meds they need, but maybe it might not help with the lawsuit. Just think of how many more drugs SNTS can develop if they get some additional funds from the lawsuit. Can help many more people with more financial strength.

      On the ethnicity. Well if you watched the History channel on the Barbarians series, which I highly recommend (Vikings, Goths, Mongols, Franks, etc); it seems that everyone in Europe is likely mixed with the repeated conquests across the region. England had quite a lot and Germany, and France, also.

      Many English words are from the Vikings, like "happy" "thing" "Wednesday" after God ODEN, "Thursday" after Thor, and "Friday" after Freya.

      So, everybody of EU ancestry probably has some Viking. They made it to Normandy, and other parts of Europe. Also, likely made it to Vinland (modern Maine), and definitely Newfoundland, Greenland.

      Wow, SNTS has some love today @ $3.15.

    • Mongrel: German with English and a few others thrown in for good measure. I would never mention ethnicity, but the characterization of my views as non-Western was not fair to non-Westerners.

    • I don't get it either? I said the stock could use some help from above, kind of agreeing with BUCK that help from above may be possible to aid suffering patients. Patients (and or investors) can pray for help and SNTS can use the help it to provide treatments to them. More miraculous things have happened, that was my point.

      I was hoping you were a Viking. Now I guess Dutch?

    • northern European stock

    • Buck, you are so virulent in your critiques of Siamese and me for our philosophical views on the limitations that apply to expectations of divine investment guidance or intervention? I don't get it. Yes, I agree with your assessment, Siamese; I think we are just on the cusp of several celebrations for a grossly undervalued stock. And look at DEPO now; don't know what is going on (I own no DEPO shares). Not a Viking: northern European stock but not Scandanavian.

    • At least I am up 12 cents today on this sleeper stock. I have huge, huge position! Maybe I am not so much of Dead Head for brains, but I do like the Grateful Dead, so maybe I am a Dead Head Cat liking music.

    • Nope: born again Christian American citizen of Northern Eoropean ancestory. However, I don't believe any deity favors neither a long nor a short nor can provide counsel on whether to buy, hold or sell. I have conviction the SNTS in the near term and long term is a wonderful stock to own based on the fundamentals and my own assessment of the SNTS v Par appeal. No divine intervention is necessary, although it would be welcome.

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