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  • cold69bed cold69bed Sep 28, 2011 4:46 PM Flag

    not avery encouraging day:

    this stock puzzles me:up it goes very little,but down it has much more power,it falls more;something to worry about,my largest holding in any given stock.

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    • There just isn't any news right now to drive the stock one way or the other, but apparently not a lot of desire to sell. As mentioned in an earlier post, this situation should change in the next few months. Besides the significant pipeline, a victory in the appeal will generate favorable attention from many parties and perhaps reduce the perceived risk of future patent challenges to other products in the pipeline. Further, SNTS management will be perceived more favorably by institutional investors and analysts. I believe it is difficult to overstate the strategic and tactical significance that a victory over Par would bring to SNTS.

    • I agree it's a puzzle.

    • Cold.........I have a ton of this stock. I will stand by and wait. Still cheap based on sales and future potential. These market moves of 2% up and down aren't helping. We have a lot going for us once certain things happen (Zegrid results and NDA filing for Budesonide MMX). These things will happen within 3 months according to the company and should help clarify some things.

      At least they are not in BDSI's shoes. They had a market cap of $90 million this am, and their lead compound needs more trials as of tonight. They have a long road to go and will lose substantial market valuation by tomorrow am. They will need dilution of shareholders, eventually to raise needed $$.

      SNTS has good products on the market and significant cash on hand (selling for an enterprise value just over 1 times sales of $114 million this year and less on next year's estimate of $160 million). Basically, the pipeline is free along with a shot at the Zegrid ruling. It has to be obvious to some bigger players at some point, maybe by year end, with some good progress.

      Good luck to you and the others and hang in there for a while longer.