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  • nowwheretogo22004 nowwheretogo22004 Nov 2, 2011 8:58 AM Flag

    Why is this not good news?

    As usual, Contrarian is all over this. A poster is just a poster. I'm not even sure that it's news worthy, but as Contrarian said, the news is all good with the drug. To me, that is a big announcement to say with some certainty that they will file the NDA before the end of 2011. A delay may have been viewed with suspect, but now we don't have to worry. The stock went down because the market went down. The small caps get whacked in panic time.

    Next Monday evening, SNTS will be showing a nice little profit and handily beat their break even or $.01 per share forecast and this stock will move up very nicely. With this news, we just won't move up or down with the pack.

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    • Thanks, to both of you. I think it makes me feel better,..but, the stock went down today, too, while the market was in the other direction. I'm getting close to giving up on this, had it a pretty long time and only going down, albeit, slowly. But down, none-the-less.

      What time frame do you think before we see significant improvement in sp?

      Thanks, again

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      • At times I have felt like giving in, but I think it may be looking up over next couple months, and years. I started really looking at the data, etc. so I could get a feeling what might happen, a year or two out (I am more confident over that time-frame).

        Near term, we have earnings Monday, which might be good and maybe we can learn something from the CC. Also, they look like they will file the NDA on the much needed Budesonide MMX product by year end. Appeal lawsuit is the wild card and that is leading to uncertainty. Don't know what will happen on that. But, once decision is known maybe we make a new trend.