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  • cliffconnorton cliffconnorton May 4, 2012 9:29 AM Flag

    Good news cliff

    OK my spelling not good
    OK my posting writing is not good
    Please people just the facts
    1. SAC Capital reports 5.2% passive stake in Santarus
    and that is big news = to one wild card
    2. I have 2 more wild cards to play
    3. Please do not SHORT this company
    4. I need one year of your money then thank my later

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    • What are the other 2 wild cards, Cliff? There may be more than 2. LOL

      Shorting an A+ IBD ranked stock grinding higher is just a death wish. This climb higher is methodical and healthy with minor pullbacks along the way. Add shares on DIPS; you can bet the BIGS are and they try to do it at a slow to medium pace to take shares quietly from impatient investors. Some times they get greedy and start a frenzy. We have hard evidence with SAC filing. They will run this to double their money; watch over the next 6 months.

      I don't care about you spelling technique; it adds character. Are you from outside US, are you following COSMO?

      Kitty is from Siam.