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  • siamesekitty711 siamesekitty711 Sep 5, 2012 10:51 AM Flag

    Listen to CC questions and answers about Zegerid case

    Wow, I strongly suggest listening to this Steifel presentation. They plan to seek damages (lost profits, not treble damages). Likely that PAR will have to quit selling gen. Zegerid (this is pending the remand back to lower courts). Also, say they will sell the Brand Zegerid and continue selling an authorized generic (from SNTS). Pricing will be better and they will be able to detail to gastro-enterologists along with Uceris (nice, free chance to detail Zegerid). Now they are talking about the Uceris and the PDUFA extension etc.
    Also, Rif MMX top line data will be out in 3rd quarter 2012 for travelers diarhea, Yippie!!

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    • Hi Kitty, great to hear! Could you please post the link to it? For some reason, I cannot find the CC.

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      • Chip: I cannot post link on new MB format. Go to SNTS website, then Investors, and look in Events and Presentations. Fill in the form and it should open if they have it archived now. Keep checking. GLTA SNTS longs.

        Here is my brief summary: SNTS just kicked Par's butt on Zegerid appeal (on remand, SNTS will seek damages to profits by PAR and have Par remove their generic version until 2016). Zegerid may again be a significant revenue driver for SNTS. SNTS has phase 3 results for Rifamycin MMX and Rhuconest due soon (3rd - 4th q 2012). PDUFA for UCERIS by January. Glu and Clycloset scripts are growing nicely!! SNTS going to $10 or better. Hoping for $12 or even more!!

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