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  • cold69bed cold69bed Oct 2, 2012 7:17 PM Flag

    what do you say MAIKY?

    I LIKA IT I LIKE IT .good!!!!!!!!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • KITTY loves it!! KITTY was fortunate to pounce on this when it was thrown in the gutter, and hang on for this nice rise; while others are just beginning to see the value and growth potential here.

      Nobody can pry Kitty's shares from her claws at this lowly level (single digits). .

      MAIKY will be sayin' "I LOVA IT, I LOVE IT, magnificent!!!!", when we see those double digits rack up.

      This thing has to be on the buyout radar screens of larger pharma co's that are in a big slump!!

      Read this dialogue from DUMP PHARMA:

      The slumping DUMP PHARMA Boss is sayin': "Will you fools do something to increase our sales, how is the in-house pipeline doing?"

      Schmuck DUMP PHARMA Manager says: "Sorry sir, all the compounds we put in to get our fat raises have failed to yield any fruit."

      Slumping DUMP PHARMA Boss replies: "Why you fools, I am going to have you fired."

      Schmuck DUMP PHARMA Manager says: "For over $1 billion USD we can pump up this DUMPY company. Have you heard of the very successful outfit called SNTS? They have 4 drugs on the market and 3 or 4 more just around the corner. They are GROWING and still cheap. Maybe we can buy them outright to fix our bad moves made on our own pipeline? We better hurry before somebody else sees it. Can you call them and offer a price they might not laugh at, like $15-20 for starters? Do we have $1 to 2 billion in the reserve?"

      Slumping DUMP PHARMA Boss says: "Gee, I knew I hired you for something. You actually have 1/2 of a brain. I will call them tomorrow, but I am taking credit for this. I will give you a good holiday bonus and a raise for your efforts. We will all get good raises and options if we can get a hold of SNTS. I should have worked for them instead of this DUMP."

      This is actually how these things happen. Believe KITTY.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy