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  • anotherenigma Oct 4, 2012 2:40 PM Flag

    Its A Good Company

    Dont let the run fool you. The mms control all. Dont lose profits. Use stop limits with you gains.

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    • The run didn't fool me. BTW - we the shareholders control the stock, and we ain't sellin' I think the run fooled you with a simple assumption about gap fillings. You do need to look at charts for ALL time periods. No resistance for the trend to move higher.

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      • anotherenigma Oct 5, 2012 5:47 PM Flag

        Kitty, I trade. When my stop is hit I will be out. If the stock continues upward, I'm happy for longs.

        Kitty, the gap will fill. Maybe not today or Monday. But it will fill in due time. If my short is stopped out I will wait for an entry at the gap fill. Or trade another stock.

        The share holders do control the stock. But your shares and any here with shares do not give this stock direction. All of us combined do not hold enough shares to make this stock move.

        I hope your stock really rises for you. Use percentage stops to keep your gains.

    • anotherenigma Oct 4, 2012 4:39 PM Flag

      The 2 of you have valid, good points. If your long you have little to worry about. Im not long. I trade. I see a pullback coming before a new run. So I will play it. Doesn't mean I will be right. Doesn't mean Im suggesting for any to sell. But a stop loss isn't a bad idea to lock in gains. Set a stop for $8.60 as a safety net. JMO

    • Enigma the problem is that you look only at charts. If you look at charts you're right, the stock is overbought, a pullback is possible and useful for new climbs but we aren't traders.. we're probably crazy and we don't use stop lose or take profits. If we had used these, now we would be out of the stock. Charts don't say how happy we are, Santarus investors are very happy and this is not a negligible element. We have a pdufa, we have two drugs in phase III, revenues are growing and if we find a settlement with Par today we can double our cash tomorrow. I'm not an expert but here i see only reasons for buy and hold rather than selling. I have to sell now and buy when the stock closes the gap? I don't agree, i prefer hold and buy again because this is a marathon and not a100M. The legs of Santarus are still very fast and i don't see lactic acid. In conclusion i agree, we will fall before climbing higher but this is not a good reason to sell.

    • That doesn't help much with a strong stock. MM's take out stops to pick up cheap shares and then you are left without your position as they let it run again. I think you are a little too hopeful for this downfall.

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