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  • khumbu61 khumbu61 Oct 5, 2012 5:41 AM Flag

    Some advice sought from Kitty and any others with a view on TSRX

    Could you give an updated assessment of Trius Therepeutics? Likely timeline for developments and movement in the stock? Is is premature to be investing now or should we wait until 2013?Their novel antibiotic looks terrific. Anything else of value? Surely company will be acquired on FDA approval.

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    • Khumb, I have been buying TSRX when I can to average in (I don't know when it will truly go higher, but I think $7-8 is not out of the question maybe sometime in 2013).

      The current phase-3 trial is an IV to oral efficacy trial to allow patients to leave the hospital sooner (and thus alleviate cost burden). They are also doing a trial for pneumonia and some others.

      The drug does in six days what Zyvox does in 10 days. IMO this is an advantage. I have looked at patents for Tedizolid (Ted), and it is clearly structurally different than Zyvox (Ted has hydroxyl group where Zyvox has and amide, Ted is a smaller molecule and may have more suitable pharmaceutical properties, in my professional opinion). The other thing is that Ted kills some strains of MRSA that Zyvox doesn't due to changes in the structure (read some articles and presentations on TSRX website). Another thing is that with new legislation, companies developing MRSA treatments are likely to get some benefits under the new Gain Act (exclusivity, etc), you can GOOGLE Gain Act antibiotics.

      The company does have a novel gyrase inhibitor which is in early trials.

      TSRX has Bayer as a partner in some eastern countries and got/gets some milestones/royalties for that. I followed Optimer (OPTR) late in the game and it was already pricey on PDUFA day. I wanted to build my position in TSRX much earlier in the development of Ted (I have 30,000 shares between $5 and low $6's, and I am early rather than chasing something that may rise nicely at some point). Low $5's looked to be a good entry point. I don't know if it will see that level again. As always, I have no idea what the stock market will be like in 2013 and what influence that could have on TSRX and all of this is JMO, hope it helps. BTW - Smith on stocks has written some seaking alpha DD articles on TSRX. You can try to look them up. He also used to write about SNTS.

      Thanks Khumb for all your commentary on SNTS!!

      GLTA SNTS and TSRX longs. These companies are bringing medicines to those in dire need of treatment.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I have Trius under my radar and i think this is a winner horse but i want to wait. Tedizolid data expected in first half of 2013 and then we can see a license agreement with Bayer for europe.. i don't know if they are looking for an agreement in usa or they want to sell it yourself. I like this stock, but i still have to study it.