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  • bec1nj bec1nj May 24, 2013 7:44 AM Flag

    Question for the board about price movement

    Could anyone explain the big volatility (intraday etc.) of the stock---looks great but wondering if any people had thoughts (yesterday wild swings an example)? Thanks.

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    • My thoughts (and I could be wrong)...the fundamentals of SNTS did not change. The market is acting like a drug addict that is getting is supply taken away. Its going to curse and fight, but ultimately be better for it in the end. The economy is coming back (albeit slowly), but we don't want to get into an evironment where we are in a high interest rate inflationary bubble-based economy. So, imo the fed is right to start signaling that the free money train is slowing down...putting all on notice to get your debt situation is order because interest rates may start rising if the economy get too hot.

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    • I can't. There are volatile stocks and there are many pump and dump stocks.

      I didn't think that I will see this amazing volatility just after i bought few days ago! But I see how strong she is, great!

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