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  • salseroomega salseroomega Jan 12, 2014 11:52 PM Flag

    Congratulations to my long buddies especially Kitty and Dragon

    Kitty, Dragon and all my long buddies congratulaitions! We predicted $30 plus by years end early in 2013! Thank you so much for your comments, analysis and encouragement. I am long and heavy into CPRX, ACRX, RMTI and RNN. Because of your support I am also sitting on lots of cash! Any recommendations? Any comments? Wow! You guys have put me into a remarkable position. I have transitioned into a crazy winner...I am looking forward to 2014. YOU ARE THE BEST!

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    • Hi Sal & Kitty! Happy New Year! Great to hear from you both and again congrats to all SNTS longs here. What a special year with SNTS. Currently, my large long holdings are in IPXL, HIMX, OPK, ACRX, RMTI, TTPH and CPRX. With the SNTS money I got more ARIA cheap as well as in GALE, XOMA, VTUS and added more CHTP which halted today for the ADCOM. I am adding more ISR which is very bullish and will add to the existing treatment of Glioblastoma along with Temodar and Avastin for post surgical patients or unresectable GBM. RNN will run higher as well. Dom Times ahead for us in 2014!

    • Blessings, we were patient and stuck together when surrounded by vicious hyenas. We did it for $32. I have CPRX, RMTI, ACRX, many others. Blessings to all into 2014 and beyond, you will know what is true and waht is pure lies.