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  • dejpuj8 dejpuj8 Apr 20, 2012 9:11 AM Flag

    Link to the app

    Art, I am not sure when it comes to those comments. Judging from your other posts, your knowledge on this is much more extensive than mine. I'm really just a sales guy. The reason I am impressed with this app is because I have been dinged on an international call in the past. A quick 10 minute call to Austrailia on my cell once cost me 60 bucks.

    International communication is a bear. The nice thing is you don't really need as much of a sales staff for apps. Case in point...the video phone. Fantastic sales staff. Do you realize how many old people in this country don't use computers and wouldn't know how to Skype. Why didn't those ACN or Vox people have them in the thousands of retirement communities accross the country? Bandwidth in companies is a huge issue. The IT department won't even let me have Spotify on my desktop and any video calls have to go through as special room. However, their technology would be great, there is just no sales staff (ACN people are not trained for that) to conduct business to business sales.

    I decided to put a little money into this stock, but $5,000 is my limit on any pinksheet...even if it were to cure cancer.

    Keep the posts going Art, whether people like you or not, you have some great info!

    Good luck everyone! Unless of course you are short. In that case, you know where to go.