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  • cash_is_king_now cash_is_king_now Jan 28, 2004 7:23 PM Flag


    There are five stages in API ownership.

    You've been patience with API but we all born naked, broke, no teeth, and no hair and that's how we're going out. Oh, some with API certificates in theire hands. Some may be in the Resignation stage. Not all the fundamentals are there. There are technicals suspect. Therefore, it's not wise to wait this out. You will not get rich and you may go out naked and broke. (Your teeth and hair are still here!)
    The biggest concern is the Trader's Rule #100:
    In the long run, we'll all be dead!
    So you may better trade it now!

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    • cash and loser are truly losers! They have revealed their true intentions in previous post - that is, to incite fear amongst the weak so that they can get in at a lower price! If they truly felt that API wasn't a worthy investment, they would've said their peace and be gone. But noooooo. THEY WANT IN! But not at the current price. They want in at a LOWER price so that they can maximize their profits! This at the expense of others! How pathetic and greedy. Although greed isn't necessarily bad, the way that they're going about it isn't kosher.
      As for his stages of API ownership, let's look at them:

      Expectation - We still have it!

      Anticipation - Ditto.

      Frustration - This is the stage cash and loser are at because no matter how hard they try - THRICE predicting doom and gloom - they have not been able to pry loose any cheap shares! How pathetic is that! How delightful - as Professor Higgins would say!

      Realization - This is cash's next phase when he realizes that he'll HAVE to pony up before the move up.

      Resignation - This is when cash will finally pay up - I'd say at about $3 per - and join hindu and everyone else here.

      cash - even after you finally complete your painful journey and join us at $3, we'll still welcome you. That's how wonderful we are here. As the old commercial says, you can pay up now, or pay up later! Better now than later.
      You can be pathetic, but still be a hero to the hungry!

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      • Don't be so naive. API is one of many stocks that is under my radar. It may get to its right price someday but at this price I won't touch it with 10 foot pole.
        Now that the market is getting interesting, API becomes even much less attractive. API is such a boring stock with boring management. It may be good for one or two plays per year. You get old owing a stock like API.

        I will buy some ECGI tomorrow if it gets a little dip.

        some of low price stocks in my list are:
        And many others. See, API has to compete with other stocks for investors. At this price and with this boring management, API has no chance.

    • Oh thank God cash is here, now we go up.