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  • cash_is_king_now cash_is_king_now Feb 12, 2004 2:26 AM Flag

    From 10Q

    "Cost of goods sold increased by $158,000 (9%) during Q3 04". Why?

    "Research and development costs decreased by $75,000 (70%) to $32,000 in Q3 04 as compared to Q3 03"
    "During the remainder of the fiscal year, we expect to see continued decreases in R & D expenditures". API is not a tech company anymore but a buy and sell electronic companent or a dealer house.

    "The quarterly decrease in marketing is primarily due to a recovery of amounts previously recorded as bad debt expense"

    Revenue and earning could be worse without this recover.

    "General and administrative expenses increased by $114,000 (25%)".
    "The net increases in quarterly to date periods continue to be due to increased salary, depreciation, insurance and outside service/consultant expenses"

    Money has to be spent somewhere.

    "$227,000 was used for capital expenditures required primarily for necessary computer and manufacturing equipment upgrades."

    Again, business has other costs.

    I saw more negative stuff than any positive in API 10Q. In this market, I don't put money in a dead company. EAG will be $3 by next few months($1.88 now). MBAY ($1)will gain 50% by next month and API is lucky to keep current price($2.20).

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