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  • cash_is_king_now cash_is_king_now Feb 17, 2004 2:22 AM Flag


    First, API won't bounce back since there is no reason for it. You may argue that this company has positive earnings and I tell you so does the a Pizza place at corner of our street. Both API and Pizza place are in business of selling their products with one difference. Pizza won't change in next few years or nex few decades but electronic will change every year and you have to come up with new products to stay in business. So the Pizza place has more value than API since API products are losing their values every months and API is not replacing them with new designs.
    I was passing by a motel which still advertises room with color TV( most do). I went inside and ask the desk if the rooms with black and white TVs have lower rate. A young guy behind the desk said" Is there such a thing like black and white TV?" I told him yes but Hi Def TV is in market now and someday somebody may comment about the regular color TV like yourself.
    Hope you get the point that API management better run a Pizza place instead of hi tech company which is changing every day.

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    • Cash, first of all, I said bounce around the low $2's, not bounce back. Secondly, what kind of motels do you stay at? Why were you even interested in checking out a place like that? Were you with a cheap hooker? I hope you gave her some of your pizza. Hookers need to eat too.