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  • mstiq mstiq Jun 18, 2004 2:55 PM Flag


    Thanks cash! Your return to the API board guarantees a rebound. And lo and behold, after a rather lackluster report, it comes screaming back from today's low! Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    Cash's favourite site of all time!

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    • sure, cash you really fooled us with that one you idiot.

    • Hey goof_goof,

      Please don't follow me.
      API is not PQUE. You hated PQUE while I gained 25% in the same stock in past few days. GEAC will do the same and you better to learn to buy good stocks.

    • <<When you can buy small companies with excellent technology but lack of production, marketing and sales, why the F--- would you keep around a large R&D dept?>>

      Excuse me, API is not CSCO with billion of cash. Even if there is a such cheap company with excellent products then there are many other good companies with a lot of cash power to grab them. Supply and demand still working. API can not afford to hire a minimum wage person to send a PR or answer phones. And where the hell does this research team come from to go and hunt those deals in the market. Wake up and smell the coffee. These new sell people don't know a squat about technology and they shooting in the dark. They were lucky a few quarters ago when market was nervous and some companies were getting out of business but not anymore.

      Time for new stock(GEAC). My PQUE did good and hope you benefitted. I stepped in a new company called GEAC computer inc(GEAC). it reported $.26/share(wow) yesterday and all past quarters it had high earnings. The price is below $7(a bargain). It's a canadian company(if it was a us company, price probably was above $20). It just got 5 upgrades from canadian analysts and RBC capital of US. If you buy it below $7 you will win 100%.

    • I believe Cash to be a disgruntled ex-employee. When asked why he posts so often he avoids the question.

    • And API is going backward. Less earning than previous quarters. Th trend will continue. Meanwhile, I told you guys buy energy (oil & ngas) companies. A few weeks ago I recommended PQUE which was at $3.20 and now around $4.20.