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  • AikenLaw AikenLaw Aug 19, 2005 6:29 PM Flag

    so who are the VC's involved in API?

    Introducing your VCs:

    Smithfield Fiduciary c/o Highbridge Capital $3,750,000 638,117 $3,750,000 638,117 $3,750,000 Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP
    LLC Management, LLC 919 Third Avenue
    9 West 57th Street, 27th Floor New York, New York 10022
    New York, New York 10019 Attention:
    Attention: Ari J. Storch Eleazer Klein, Esq.
    Adam J. Chill Facsimile:
    Facsimile: (212) 751-0755 (212) 593-5955
    Telephone: (212) 287-4720 Telephone:
    Residence: Cayman Islands (212) 756-2376

    Iroquois Capital LP c/o Vertical Ventures, LLC $250,000 42,541 $250,000 42,541 $250,000
    900 Third Avenue,
    26th Floor
    New York, New York 10022
    Attention: Joshua Silverman
    Facsimile: (846) 274-1728
    Telephone: (212) 974-3070
    Residence: New York

    Bluegrass Growth c/o Bluegrass Growth Fund $500,000 85,082 $500,000 85,082 $500,000
    Fund, LP Partners LLC
    122 East 42nd Street
    Suite 2606
    New York, New York 10168
    Attention: Brian Shatz
    Facsimile: (212) 202-9624
    Telephone: (212) 682-2392
    Residence: Delaware

    Bluegrass Growth c/o Bluegrass Growth Fund $500,000 85,082 $500,000 85,082 $500,000
    Fund, Ltd. Partners LLC
    122 East 42nd Street
    Suite 2606
    New York, New York 10168
    Attention: Brian Shatz
    Facsimile: (212) 202-9624
    Telephone: (212) 682-2392
    Residence: Delaware

    More info later...

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    • Highbridge Capital Management Hires William Eigen; Former Fidelity Portfolio Manager Joins Firm

      NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 17, 2005--Highbridge Capital Management ("Highbridge") today announced that William Eigen, CFA, has joined the firm as a Managing Director and Senior Portfolio Manager. Mr. Eigen will be responsible for managing fixed income and absolute return products for the firm.

      Mr. Eigen joins Highbridge from Fidelity Investments, where he managed approximately $10 billion across a number of mutual funds and institutional products including the Fidelity Strategic Income Fund.

      "The combination of Highbridge's risk management and absolute return capabilities, JPMorgan's distribution and experience in traditional fixed income, and Bill's portfolio management expertise will enable us to develop investment products that bridge the gap between traditional and alternative asset management. He brings a wealth of experience, a terrific long-term track record and a proven ability to attract and retain assets. We are looking forward to working with Bill as we develop our product offerings," said Henry Swieca, Co-Chief Executive Officer of Highbridge Capital Management."

      "Highbridge's Fixed Income Group is in a great position to capitalize on the convergence of traditional and alternative asset management through the combined strengths of Highbridge and JPMorgan. The addition of Bill will further enable us to address the investment needs of our institutional clients and develop investment products that we believe will be successful in delivering superior risk adjusted returns in varying interest rate environments," said Robert Caruso, Managing Partner and Chief Operating Officer, Highbridge Capital Management.

      "I am excited about joining Highbridge," said William Eigen, CFA. "The reputation of the firm, its entrepreneurial culture and partnership with JPMorgan will allow me to use the full range of my investment experience to the benefit of our clients."

      Before joining Fidelity in 1994, Mr. Eigen was a pension investment consultant at CIGNA. He holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation and is a member of the CFA Institute and the Bond Analysts Society of Boston and serves on the Board of Directors for the Boston Security Analysts Society. Mr. Eigen graduated cum laude from the University of Rhode Island.

      About Highbridge Capital Management:

      Founded in 1992 by Glenn Dubin and Henry Swieca, Highbridge Capital Management is a New York-based, $8 billion, multi-strategy hedge fund organization which employs approximately 160 people with offices in New York, London, Hong Kong and Boston. In December 2004, JPMorgan Asset Management formed a strategic partnership with Highbridge Capital Management.

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      • The Q2 2005 PIPE Market Institutional Investor League Table
        By Number of Transactions:

        Investor Name Transaction Count Total Amount Invested
        ------------- ----------------- ---------------------
        Iroquois Capital, L.P. 12 $ 10,756,437.00
        Nite Capital Management, LLC 12 $ 3,024,994.00
        NIR Group, LLC 11 $ 20,250,000.00
        Omicron Capital, L.P. 11 $ 14,849,469.00
        Highbridge International, LLC 10 $ 93,466,477.00
        Laurus Family of Funds 10 $ 46,750,000.00
        Enable Capital Management 10 $ 5,336,125.00
        LH Financial Services Corporation 9 $ 2,851,941.00
        Kingsport Capital Partners, LLC 8 $ 18,921,375.00
        Gryphon Partners, L.P. 8 $ 13,837,286.00
        Downsview Capital, Inc. 8 $ 3,891,494.00
        Staro Asset Management, LLC 7 $ 19,500,000.00
        Atoll Asset Management, LLC 7 $ 6,375,921.00
        HBK Investments, L.P. 6 $ 53,154,149.00
        Cornell Capital Partners, L.P. 6 $ 47,250,000.00
        SRG Capital, LLC 6 $ 2,478,571.00
        Goldman Sachs & Co. 5 $ 62,102,498.00
        Ramius Capital Group, LLC 5 $ 5,220,901.00
        Bushido Capital Partners, Ltd. 5 $ 5,200,000.00
        SRB Greenway Capital, L.P. 5 $ 4,152,380.00
        GreenLight (Switzerland) SA 5 $ 2,378,730.00
        Satellite Asset Management 4 $ 29,500,000.00
        MGP Advisors, LLC 4 $ 17,700,000.00
        Dolphin Asset Management
        Corporation 4 $ 11,970,000.00
        Double U Master Fund L.P. 4 $ 9,945,000.00

      • bat rastards..

    • In regard to market crdibility and accompanying higher prices, it makes it much more easier and affordable to make further

    • Aiken is a pretty small town too, but not small town like a lot of places in South Carolina. We have the Savanah River Site right outside of town, a large federal nuclear facility, and Aiken is just a 15 minutes drive from Augusta, Ga, home of the Masters.

      My specialization is Social Security disability; and in particular appeals of those cases to federal district court. I feel pretty comfortable saying I do more of those than anyone else in the state. Tooting my own horn just a little, I just received the first favorable Fourth Circuit CA Social Security decision that the court has issued in 2 years. They are very conservative up there at the court of appeals.

      I also handle W/C and PI cases, but it is a relatively small part of my practice as compared to the Social Security.

      I have been practicing 10 yrs and started my own firm in 1997.

    • Daniel, looks like you are kicking Mr. Barhart over and over. Fine, fine lawyering. IMO

    • I will try to get hooked up with yahoo messenger and look you up sometime soon! Maybe sometime during the week next week.

    • LOL. I'm 35. Look at the date I last updated my profile!

    • LOL. I have MSN messenger. I've never used yahoo. What type of law you practice?

    • You should download yahoo IM. I have a whole bunch of reported case-law in NM on a variety of topics from products liability to municipal to regulatory. I also have an email on yahoo you under my alias. Drop me a line. We could trade war stories. Anyhow, thanks for the reply.

    • LOL. Thanks. It's Jo Anne Barnhart, the Commissioner of Social Security. I guess you pulled up some cases on Westlaw?

      I do not have many published cases, but yea, I have had literally hundreds of USDC cases against the Commissioner and win about 95 % of the time.

      Shootin' fish in a barrel, it is...

    • Aiken- how right you are.

      (BTW- do you have IM? I'm also an attorney in NM-26 years of practice. I kick ass and take no names very smoothly, I might add)

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