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  • awreetusawrightus awreetusawrightus Oct 29, 2007 3:25 PM Flag

    Fed and points


    Are there general market worries about what the Fed will say in 2 days? Is that what is affecting the market?

    MY feeling is the Fed will drop the rate 25 points instead of 50 points, assuming inflation will take care of itself or has already adjusted. But it seems like those who know say if they don't the market may suffer a temporary adjustment down.

    I think this stock is volatile, but holds phenomenal potential. Not for the next few weeks, but perhaps on November 13th, the day after the conference call on earnings for API. Then again once Q4 is about 6 weeks done.

    My feeling is get in now, and hold like a pitbull until well past January, better on into mid-Feb. Then reassert if it's profit-taking time.

    Right now, we will not likely see this point-set-goal again! Getin now!!
    It's trying to move higher as we speak!!!

    Alright Now
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