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  • diggerguy49 diggerguy49 Jul 30, 2013 10:15 AM Flag

    OUCH, that smarts

    Bought in at 3.70 like a sure shot. So much for all the big numbers on earnings

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    • I agree on the hold and wait. Management pre-released numbers because they are excited about their progress. LLEN has made some acquisitions and has been trying to position itself for growth. They are going to have a down quarter here and there, from writeoffs or one time adjustments etc, but they are headed in the right direction. Overall the numbers numbers look positive. LLEN is better positioned now that they were 2 years ago when the stock was at $8.00/share. I think that investors will be more comfortable after the CC and the company has a chance to show everyone the big picture.

    • Just hold for a few days, you will see that price and then some. This stock is easily manipulated, but when a buyer steps in it tends to jump. I sold this morning and just bought it ALL back and then some. In the long run fundamentals trump all.

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      • agree, in the long run its the fundamentals. as long as they stay clean of fraud and keep growing fundamentals, the stock will rise sometime over the long run. this year was great fundamentally, revenue and earnings way up and a strategy for plenty of long term growth. plus, the existing mines have a lot of room for production expansion too. it will take years, but llen should keep growing for a long time if they execute.

        better to buy and hold long term. hard to say what price will do short term. everybody knew third quarter results and you had to figure that since they did not have any big production problems fourth quarter would be about the same or better. it came out about the same as the third quarter results, so there was no big huge surprise on the upside for the quarter. it was about what everybody figured it would be coming to around a $1.00 per share for the year. so in some ways, this was already priced into the stock, and therefore it did not move much. the fourth quarter results were consistent with the third. anything less would have been a dissapointing. they were not really over what was already figured my most, so it was somewhat already expected and no big driver of the share price.
        then again the stock could start going up soon and an uptrend start. the short term is almost impossoible to predict.

        overall, the results for the whole year were great. and they outlined plenty of plans for future growth.
        if they grow consistently for the next 5 to 10 years. the price will definitely rise on fundamentals someday.

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