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  • sbrodeur33 sbrodeur33 Sep 11, 2013 6:23 PM Flag

    P/E 2.67 this is cheap.

    With the price of coal going up do its cyclical nature and the growth llen will see this is a no brainer!

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    • the company is a fraud as evidenced by many events in the recent past - just read the conference call transcript and you will know what I mean.

      so tell me you really believe that this tiny company with its minsicule mine operations and even weaker related businesses is able to turn in a profit while ALL other coal companies in the world are currently losing lots of money due to the weak coal prices ? If yes I would like to show you a bridge you might want to buy.

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      • So you believe their cost of production is above the current market price of coal in Guizhou Province, and that the Datang contract for 1 million tons per year is a fraud as well? You can't apply American coal prices, cost of labor to a company doing business in China. I might add that not ALL coal companies in the world are losing money, just ones that have to compete with extremely cheap and plentiful natural gas and who have to pay high labor rates.

      • I just finished reading the transcripts and found nothing but solid growth and transparency when answering all questions by investors. There were great questions about why insiders have been selling shares, the response made sense to me. One person left the company and decided to execute the options, others sell due to cash flow reasons. Can't blame people for executing options, despite the perceived message it may send to investors.
        Didn't quite understand the Iron Ridge deal.
        Seeking Alpha has the transcripts.
        They stated a dividend is in the near future to all share holders, but did not disclose amount (I'm surprised no one asked on the call). This was largely due to the fact they are preparing a Taiwanese Depository Receipt (TDR), and there is precedent to declare cash dividend on that market.
        Future guidance was not given due to coal price and regulatory volatility.
        KPMG finished their 2011-2013 review on financials and will release unqualified opinion shortly. That could be good news I suppose, but won't know till I hear what it says.

      • I read the conference call transcripts. I'm having a hard time finding the fraudulent evidence. Can you specifically point out at least one item that is faudulent about the conference call, the financials, or any press release?

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