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  • chartguy123 chartguy123 Sep 17, 2013 9:32 AM Flag

    What I got from annual meeting.....

    All imo after many questions...I believe:
    1. KPMG will eventually be auditors
    2. Yang assisting bringing big assets to company..partnerships, acquisitions, clean coal
    3. Privitization a big option if pe ratio does not improve. But at much higher levels
    4. taiwan bankers and investors very excited about upcoming TDR
    5. Big investors coming into LLEN at least one was present
    6. Analyst coverage
    7. Peng was asked to help Chinese banks evaluate mines they would lend to..very impressed with Syd.
    8. Management confidence in what they know is coming ..not YMB bashers
    9. Clean coal initiative by government can bring US partnerships..imo LL already contacted
    10. Good surprises coming for longs

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    • What you forgot was the mention of worldwide relationships with some of the top companies in the world. major rewards soon

    • Chartguy - were you at the ASM? Who did you talk to that said or implied KPMG will eventually be auditors and who said privatization is a big option?

    • Was Lee there? What was your sense of sincerity on the part of LLEN participants? Was a timetable discussed?

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • My response to your points:

      1. KPMG Taiwan to replace Kabani & become the auditor of the Company would not be regarded as a normal arrangement, why take Taiwan auditor when there are many choices in the US?
      2. If Yang is capable of such roles, he should be elected to be an executive director or a CEO, rather than an independent director.
      3. Privitization requires financial capability on part of Lee & his associates (if there's any). I do not see Lee has such strength. Besides, PE ratio is not the determining factor affecting the shock performance in reality, it is the management integrity, corporate visibility, financial management, management style and investor relations affecting the Company's reliability and credibility.
      4. People always get excited. I-bankers look for profitable business deals for their firms. They sure get excited especially when they hit a jackpot and investors feel good when they get cheap stock!
      5. Big investors involvement does not mean long term investment. Many of them just go to where profit can be made and leave when profit is taken.
      6. Who the analysts are they?
      7. Peng is a well respected person in the industry and may have excellent relationship with banks. Yet this does not mean banks will lend money to LLEN. Banks have much better internal control system than LLEN.
      8. Management confidence is different from investor confidence. I do not see much from investors so far.
      9. US partnerships, strategic partnership , etc. These are very vague terms and we have enough of it from LLEN from the past few years.
      10. Good surprises like what we recently had prove to be negatively related to share performance. Only solid results, improvement in management integrity, corporate visibility, financial management, investor relations and segregation of duties and authorization of top executives would bring real share value to longs.

    • I got that I am buying alot more shares..down ticks dont bother me..I know shorts trying to cover and company performing well//more than well.

    • Where will the next quarter earnings be invested? More construction? dividend? pay off debt? What do we want to see?

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