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  • cool_scirocco cool_scirocco Sep 19, 2013 5:56 PM Flag

    I may have found the "non-existent" Han Jun

    Item 14 of the Geo article talks about how they have not been able to verify the existence of Han Jun:
    "The nominee who claimed to hold LLEN's equity ownership in the DaPuAn mine and SuTsong mine is an individual who appears not to exist."

    They then show the ID number 530103195910180614 (from an LLEN S-1 filing) and the results of a search, eventually getting to the conclusion that the ID number is invalid, then show the results of a search that replaces the last number in the ID (4) with a "2" and show a different guy.

    I did some research on 18 digit Chinese IDs, and think that the number published in the S-1 contains a typo. I built a spreadsheet that verifies 18 digit Chinese IDs, and think I have figured out which digit is wrong, and used the new number to come up with a valid ID.

    Unfortunately the China government website they say to use doesn't show the nice photo and name like they used in their article (perhaps that's from a paid service, or someone in the government ran it for them). but it does show that a valid ID exists. My guess is that this is a privacy thing.

    Anyway, I'm going to send my findings to LLEN, and hope that they can use this (although by now, they've probably contacted Han Jun, and found the error themselves.

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