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  • zilamania zilamania Sep 20, 2013 11:27 PM Flag

    Immediate Suggestion to Management

    1) Declare quarterly dividend of 5 cents or more to prove that LLEN is indeed a profitable company and to support your recent delaration that you are contemplating on it prior to TDR.

    2) Commit personal money from management where your mouth is. Action is thousand times more effective than words. Your can do all the B/S with special task force and P/R, but price action from the market gives no credibility to LLEN management. So far the winner is Geo from the market action.

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • ...and the chance of that happening is close to nil.

    • large insider buys from members of the management team is the surest way to convince investors ,everythings legit.I dont know if its been brought to their attention,but buying their own common stock would send a very clear message to all involved.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Pay back the losses to the small investors who were so harmed on 9/19/13 by your silence when geoinvesting did what they did and you said nothing to stop investors from selling at a major loss to prevent further damage to their investment, you did not utter a word in LLEN'S defense! Not an f&^%**# word came out of your company except we are in a meeting for hours!

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      • A true way to pay back is to initiate a quarterly or monthly dividends if their financials are legit. I am willing to hang in here for years to recoup my losses by accumulating dividend payments. If that is announced I am sure the price will also surge quickly as we gain more conviction that it is a legit company. I also will commit more money if I hear management buys sizable quantity in the open market. They should konw their books better than Geo so if I was in the management team that's one of the first thing I would do.

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