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  • cpabeancounter3000 cpabeancounter3000 Jan 10, 2014 4:07 PM Flag

    Basher shortage spurs employment ads

    It appears GEO is having trouble keeping employees. Majsrightnut is beating the bushes for new bashers. Are these people getting burned out? Tired of low wages and long hours? Some may be going back to the sex trade where they can just give B-J's and still have a little self-respect. Anyone thinking of taking this job should ask some questions first, such as -
    1) Will I actually get paid?
    2) In US dollars or 8balls of crack?
    3) Will GEO pay their portion of payroll taxes? -or
    4) Will I get stuck paying theirs and mine?
    5) Will I be required to perform sexual favors for Maj or Dan D?
    6) Where is majsleftnut? Is he in hiding? Has he been flipped by the FBI?
    7) If GEO is convicted under RICO, will I pay fines or restitution?
    8) If convicted, will I share a cell with a Bubba sex pervert?
    9) If I do this too long, will I eventually want to kill myself?

    Do your homework BEFORE you sign up.

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