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  • wai0noranch wai0noranch Jan 30, 2014 9:30 AM Flag

    Sean Watch / IR Watch


    We need to track the hits/misses in reaching Sean and report back to LLEN. Year end review time. If Sean doesnt cant have the time to be the company's IR, LLEN should hire someone. Fong said they were hiring a bunch of new young people. Perhaps Sean should pass along his duties to one of them.

    Me: 2 Calls this week. No reply. In meeting or on phone.

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    • I suggest you also email him your questions so that he can follow up without calling you back to find out what you want. I think that save both your valuable time.

    • Wei,

      I have to say the management and Sean responded promptly to email least for me and no, I am not a short but a long long. I strongly suspect there is little more to say than what we know...I also think folks listen for hidden messages when indeed there are none. This is one reason I continue to hope we trade again...because llen is and has been as clean as possible. answer some questions...they have an INDEPENDENT committee working with a bug four FA. Thus should not take months but a number of weeks...they continue to do business....and that is where we are until we hear FROM THE COMPANY or the NASDAQ.

      Hope this helps.

      Good luck


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      • ' answer some questions...they have an INDEPENDENT committee working with a bug four FA. Thus should not take months but a number of weeks..."

        Frankly, not having been made aware of the questions posed by the NASDAQ, you have no idea how long a forensic audit might or might not take. If the questions comprise a number of annual or quarterly reports, the work will obviously take longer.

        The work takes longer by it's very nature as the purpose of a FA is to either prove degree of culpability or degree of responsibility or lack of it, to be presented in a court of law as a prosecutorial aid or as a defense aid, whatever the case may be. So it's not like a regular audit.

        All the major accounting firms have a FA department. It is offered as a service and is indeed expensive for the client. The degree of expense and time, is directly related to the client requests.

        As such, a audit of this type could take a year, could take 6 months, could take 6 weeks...

        Nobody that I know of here on these boards, has enough information to predict anything regarding this.

    • what your agenda???......"smell fishy.....shorty??

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    • Don't hold your breath for a call back. I have left messages for Sean since November and he has never returned a call. I wonder if those that say they talk to Sean actually work for LLEN. Are they here to keep everyone's hopes up?

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