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  • makemy2005 makemy2005 Jan 30, 2014 8:16 PM Flag

    Madaniels57.......make up your mind!

    Here is an example of a genius at work, on Jan.13th he writes this to me:
    "Fyi Hope, llen is NOT a Chinese reverse merger. It may be other things but that is not one of them."


    As of August 18, 2001, Royal Coronado Co. Ltd., a Nevada corporation (the
    "Registrant") consummated a transaction, whereby the Registrant acquired all of
    the issued and outstanding shares of L & L Investment Holdings, Inc., a British
    Virgin Islands corporation ("LLI") in exchange for the issuance by the
    Registrant of a total of 5,000,000 newly issued restricted shares of common
    voting stock to LLI shareholders pursuant to the Agreement and Plan of
    Reorganization, as amended (the "Agreement"), dated as of August 18, 2001, by
    and between the Registrant and LLI (the "Closing").

    Then on the 15th, he writes this:

    "it was originally llen international but incorporated out of nevada and has always been an american company. all the reverse merger failures were mainly china companies using it to get listed. so that is one big difference, it is american." is not....It is a reverse merger. One of the first actually....The Nevada public company was bought out by a small Chinese investment advisory firm that was taken over by Lee and his wife. The Chinese advisory firm, a Chinese LTD, then bought out the controlling stock in the defunct but still listed Nevada corporation. This is a perfect example of a reverse merger in anyone's dictionary.

    This is why I IGNORE him, while he does write quite well and is an articulate person, he flip-flops like two drunks on a seesaw and somehow is always right.

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    • No beef Mad, just that it looks like your classic case of self-contradiction to me. You have to admit you are painting both sides of the canvas.
      "Fyi Hope, llen is NOT a Chinese reverse merger. It may be other things but that is not one of them."

      "This is a perfect example of a reverse merger in anyone's dictionary."

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • What's your beef Make!

      Apparently you don't understand what I wrote. I did not write two differing opinions. the second was a extension of the first.

      Lee and his wife either founded or gained control of a Chinese company in Hong Kong. It was a private LTD.

      They put the assets...and there were none, into a BVI. In the Virgin Islands...It's just a file cabinet folder as are thousands of others..This is how a reverse merger is created, step by step.

      They then use the company to buy a defunct or listed company, or they create one for the specific purpose of buying it, merging it with the BVI and thus create a US listed company with it's operations in mainland China. Since US citizens are not allowed to directly own Chinese mainland companies, this offshore BVI entity is required to bridge the gap. The LLEN stock is actually stock in the BVI, not the Chinese assets directly.

      So what he did in effect was to create a reverse merger. He and his wife created the US shell for the specific purpose of merging it with the BVI, also created by Lee and his wife, and that BVI led back to a HK asset management company, also run by lee and his wife.

      The only difference between this reverse merger and some 80% or so of the others is that the shell company in the US did not come off the available shelf stock of pink sheet US entities...for a few hundred dollars they created one rather than buy the existing stock for some arbitrary price...(a dollar will suffice).

      Some 15-20% of the early reverse mergers were done this way.

      To say that LLEN is a US company is only true as to the shell company that owns the stock in the BVI..The rest of it and it's operations are all Chinese. the Office in Washington State is nothing more than a front to sell securities in the US markets. A sales and PR office, a place for the board to meet occasionally. That's all that is US...

      Classic reverse merger.

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