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    • Disagree with you on coo whom although can occasionally give an over-objective view, he often raises questions that are more than valid. CPN, is a Long's Long and although I don't always agree 100% his place on the board is priceless and I wish we all could remain as loyal. Loyalty is sometimes rewarded with a flame-thrower, but in the case of LLEN I see good things happening going forward, a tough terrain, but a clear view. Miracle on the other hand has become nothing more than a Circus's runaway Clown that insults anyone that tries to post anything positive or anything that can be gotten out of the office while bringing 000 to the table as far as DD goes. Useless insulting nonsense that needs to be ignored to give your view of the board a cleaner look, and a more pleasant experience as a shareholder. But it's your board, your button, so it's your call. It seems everybody has become very aggressive and stressed and that is understandable, but I will not tolerate any offensive posts directed fellow longs who are trying to be helpful. If I cannot prove that someone DID NOT make a call then I will not call them a liar. I too was accused of being a liar in disclosing the Dec.6th meeting in DC, but it happened, did it not? So sometimes although getting bits and pieces of news through 2nd and 3rd parties is not the prevalent way of course, but it can in fact ease the minds of shareholders that have an OPEN MIND and don't attack and insult each other when they are posting some potential news.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Didn't u say 'No I keep you here for punching bag or kicking dummy. Thank you. You cry, I punch you, you complain I kick your butt'?

      Thanks for taking my advice to have used 3 seconds to put me on ignore. Anyways, this is really indifferent to me about your presence. Hope you do well in your future investment!

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