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  • hopewillhelpyou hopewillhelpyou Feb 24, 2014 7:03 PM Flag

    *****ANTSY SHORTS*****

    Sounds creepy, but yeah, it's true they are getting very nervous. I am reading around other boards and the noise level is up today. A very good sign IMO. Those interest payments must have gotten paid today again and taken right off the top of their account balance for the third time and they aren't liking it, your breakin my flappin heart! ah..ah..ah..Again just jiberish and smack talk, nothing factual, nothing negative. The only facts that have been posted on the boards are Long favorable like the FA and that has them extremely concerned. One freshly Ignored newby finally manned up and said he was short from 5.00, if you believe that, but if that's true he is a greedy fool for not selling his position. They were all counting on the pinks and still are as madaniel keeps pressing, but he's not short...ah..ah..ah..and I'm not Long, yeah right, Long and strong and proud of it, would hate to be short this baby when we reopen. GL Longs

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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