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  • mrhooptyjanky mrhooptyjanky Mar 1, 2014 7:26 AM Flag

    Piatt attacks for Valid Points

    Just shows how blinded by the light, many are. It all boils down to, After SIC and EY, they may not want anyone to know the truth. Where is the Voice of Truth?? Lots of weird personas own a bunch of currently worthless paper, me included. But silence by what shell is left of this entity, says it all.

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    • Congratulations for your inability to stand for anything! Do you want to sell your LLEN shares to me?

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    • Go get HELP Hoopty, Prozac is a wonderful drug, it will improve your self-destructive and morbid outlook on life and penchant for obsessing on the negative. You clearly need intervention and treatment. Piatt is an IDIOT who makes up Tax Story Lies that are even worse than Geo's and if his posts were actual SA articles he would have been sued long ago. His obsession with Ironridge and accusations of the company being broke and unable to pay 6 million dollars while they have 9 million in cash is absurd, they elected to dilute to cover some costs as to free up cash for future ventures. Yes, it was settled in Court, legally as many business transactions do in the end get settled, BUT IT IS SETTLED, OLD NEWS, AND IRRELEVANT AND NO LONGER AN ISSUE OR VALID POINT AS YOU CLAIM! His ridiculous repetitive posts are GARBAGE.

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      • the balance sheet clearly states $20 million tax payable at the end of the first six months of this year.
        yet, they only incurred less than $4 million in new taxes.
        and last year was $5 million something.
        means they owe back taxes from somewhere.
        documents also clearly state ironridge sued llen for past due debts acquired from llens creditors.
        creditors pass on debts to a firm like ironridge when they are not getting paid.
        clearly states ironridge sued for nonpayment and after extensive talks settled for equity.
        if llen had access to so much cash, why would lee wreck the credit rating of the company for just $4 million in coal as you say.
        does not make sense.
        sorry can not sue me for pointing out facts right off the balance sheet and court documents.

    • And the Web Page has just stalled, no news , pictures, nothing going on although "Lip Service" says everything is Booming Bidnez?? Too many gaps , that just don't add up or make sense. The 10th will come and go, and more lip service will string this along....just not sure why they keeping fighting the inevitable. At some point they will need to wave the flag. Shorts are prob, mad as h$ll about their money, but may not be as many shares as some suggest..if you could wait 4 months to make 75%... wouldn't you do it.

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