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  • mcmiller411 mcmiller411 Mar 19, 2014 8:18 AM Flag

    Nothing new in Guizhou

    I’ve been thinking we might be in the process of being bought out but now also that we might possibly be in the process of buying. Our mines appear to me to be up to the required standards (and I don't believe the standards are new at all. I believe they are in line with standards set years ago that were to be phased in each year). Also we have not yet been ruled out as a consolidator in Guizhou. With the very long provincial recent mine shutdowns for inspections, L and L appears to have come out on top with all mines now back in service. With Yang on board I believe we still stand a good chance of being made a consolidator. If we would be, I believe financial resources would open up for us as we would have the government's backing for necessary financing. We have entered a new year of the consolidation process and we passed the inspections. If indeed we do have the mining capacity as stated we might be in the process of being selected as a consolidator. Any reasons we would not be? Please, no comments from the peanut gallery such as madman and hoopty

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    • Mcmiller,

      Are we up to standards yet? Not doubting just wanting clarification. It seemed to me that the standard to meet in 2014 is to have mines producing 300k tons, right? Or am I missing something? Second, it seems that our mines are NOT at that level yet. And that our "official" license is for much less, right? What I would like to see is an official license for all our mines of 300k or more and then a ramping up to that level of production. With where we are makes me somewhat nervous.

      In regards to your post...I did note a slight change in the language in this most recent ER filing....whereas in the past there was a noticeable switch in language from consolidation to acquiring a larger northern this recent ER there was a line about there being the possibility of acquiring in their area! A change...or at least a return to what they originally stated.


    • "While the Guizhou Consolidation Policy has opened the door for the Company to acquire/consolidate additional smaller coal mines in the Guizhou province at faster speed and at attractive prices, the Company is also aware that the Company’s current coal-production capacity and mechanization level have not met the requirements set forth in the Guizhou Consolidation Policy, but we intend to work diligently to meet the requirements in the policy by the end of 2013. "

      stated in 10Q filed yesterday ... learning curve on how to cook their filings at best still @early stages ... babies ....

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