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  • mitchpit11 Mar 19, 2014 9:36 AM Flag

    Theoretically, LLEN can be bought even with trading halt on (!?)

    There is no need for Nasdaq as share certificates can exchange hands for cash(?)
    With mines passing inspection, one would expect LLEN to be in good position if suitable buyer appears.
    Is this correct interpretation?

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    • sorry ... for you ebaybies ...

    • ebay is the marketplace for you babies

    • . A public company may choose to go private for a number of reasons. An acquisition can create significant financial gain for shareholders and CEOs, while the reduced regulatory and reporting requirements private companies face can free up time and money to focus on long-term goals. Because there are advantages and disadvantages to going private as well as short- and long-term issues to consider, companies must carefully weigh their options before making a decision.

      Motivations for Going Private
      Investment banks, financial intermediaries and senior management build relationships with private equity in an effort to explore partnership and transaction opportunities. As acquirers typically pay at least a 20-40% premium over the current stock price, they can entice CEOs and other managers of public companies - who are often heavily compensated when their company's stock appreciates in value - to go private. In addition, shareholders, especially those who have voting rights, often pressure the board of directors and senior management to complete a pending deal in order increase the value of their equity holdings. Many stockholders of public companies are also short-term institutional and retail investors, and realizing premiums from a take-private transaction is a low-risk way of securing returns.

      Does this sound like a possible fit? And the trip to China? All further speculation but it is a very possible outcome here. YONG started announced the go private deal and then was halted to have some financials clarified along with clarification of the go-private offer. The deal recently fell short after voting shareholders voted it down.

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    • Yes, I believe that's correct but the major hurdles r the lawsuits. If there is a buyer they will wait until after the lawsuits r settle. There's an abundant of other mines to purchase so they definitely wouldn't be in any hurry. I hope that LLEN can become a consolidator, we need higher ups to answer that one!

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